Harry Potter And The Inappropriate Hallowe'en

Remember when all us idiots staged a series of live unofficial Harry Potter sequels back in the summer? Well we're back and it's more ambitious and ridiculous than ever. The unofficial Harry Potter sequels, a co-production by Weirdos Comedy Club and Laugh Out London, started with Harry Potter And The Inevitable Sequel at Camden Comedy Club, quickly followed by Harry Potter And The Disappointing Aftermath at the Old Queen's Head. Both of those sold out pretty quickly, so now we're back for a Hallowe'en special in the main room of Leicester Square Theatre, which seats 400 people. I reckon we can fill it. If you have any better plans for Hallowe'en, cancel them. This show will feature some of the best moments from the previous two instalments (including such classics as "Harry and Malfoy go to the bathroom," "Can Hagrid jump?" and "Will Ginny get a personality?") along with some fun new Hallowe'en stuff. It's written by Adam Larter and directed by Matthew Highton, and stars Adam as Harry Potter, Eleanor Morton as Ginny Weasley, Matt Tedford as Ron Weasley, Marny Godden as Hermione Granger, myself as Draco Malfoy, Gareth Morinan as Albus Dumbledore, Jon Brittain as Hagrid, Cassie Atkinson as Professor McGonagall, Sooz Kempner as Bellatrix Lestrange and Jack De'Ath as a Dragon.

Tikcets aren't on sale just yet, but here's a Facebook event to keep up-to-date with everything. The show is on Saturday 31st October. Here's a promo shot to whet your appetites: