New Collaborative Theatre Project

I've mentioned a couple of times here already my plan for this year to try and throw myself into as many different kinds of projects as possible - doesn't matter what they are, they just have to feel different, and interesting. This one's a bit special, therefore - it's very early days and all fairly uncertain exactly what it'll turn into, but I'm involved in a new collaborative theatre project which my brother, Barney Norris, is overseeing like a sort of literary Andy Warhol. The aim is to throw together a few people from very different performance/arts backgrounds - traditional theatre, physical theatre, clowning, comedy, etc - and work on growing a show together via a fairly organic process and see what comes of it. All fairly amorphous, but having spent the day with the team on Friday in Oxford and started chatting things through, it could turn into something very exciting. The show will be written by Sophia Chatin-Leuner and directed by Josie Underwood, and performed by myself and Louisa Hollway. It will loosely grow out of a conversation we had on Friday that revolved around anxiety, mental health and the idea of asking for help. Sophia will be the one going away and turning all the vague, swirling ideas we worked through into something a bit more concrete, and from there I think we'll all start trying to build something exciting from it. It's potentially going to be doing a run at the North Wall Theatre in Oxford in early March 2016, and then perhaps developed further in collaboration with other local arts initiatives. As with everything, I'll let you know when there's more news on how it develops and what it turns into!