Rat Pack Comedy Finale

Way back in 2013, I was involved in the early development of a new comedy show format being devised by Nathan Cassidy. Called The Rat Pack Stand-Up Comedy, the format basically involved comics remaining onstage throughout each other's sets, occasionally chipping in with the odd contribution, all set to a backing of lounge jazz and Rat Pack classics. This was back when I was just doing character stuff, so my role was usually to burst in halfway through pretending to be one of the acts' agents while dressed as Neil Young or in a morphsuit with a puppet on my hand. While I was usually quite memorable, I'm not sure if I was ever one of the show's high points, but it was a lot of fun to be involved with, and really showed a lot of promise in those early stages. I was a regular for the Rat Pack in its early residency at the Etcetera Theatre and did a few guest spots at its 2013 Edinburgh run, peaking with my oft-repeated (by myself, on podcasts) guest turn where I ran into the gig in a thong and basically got booed off by the other comics, and ended up naked on the roof of the Three Sisters. After that we gradually went our separate ways, largely thanks to my own embarrassment and fear to ever ask to be allowed back, and in that time the Rat Pack has really picked up a huge cult following and done some amazing runs at the Leicester Square Theatre and in Edinburgh for the last two years.

I'm very honoured, then, to be back at the last ever Rat Pack show at the Leicester Square Theatre on Saturday 19th December at 21:15. It will reassemble the original line-up of the shows - Nathan Cassidy, Andy Mac, Alex Perry, Alex Holland and myself - presumably along with many others of the regulars it's picked up since then, such as the show's resident maestro Laurence Owen. Quite what I end up doing for it remains to be seen, though a recreation of that thong stunt might be a laugh. Tickets available soon! More information on The Rat Pack Comedy can be found here.