Short Stories For The Scribbler

As some of you know, I'm having a bit of self-imposed down-time at the moment. Partly self-imposed. Life's a bit strange just at present. Have had a lot of personal stuff to deal with, and my various comedy/writing/performance projects are all more or less dormant for the time being because I need to do my Edinburgh show one last time before I can properly focus on making new stuff. The Edinburgh show is happening tomorrow night, by the way, so do come along if you fancy it. Once it's done I've got no reason not to fully commit to a lot of new ideas which I'm starting to navigate, so I promise there'll be more to come soon.

Anyway, while I've been sort of absent, I've turned my hand to writing stories, and am very happy to report that the good people at The Scribbler have allowed me to use it as a platform for my story-writing. So any future stories will be posted over there, though I'll post links here so people can find them. Here is my first story, entitled The Time-Travelling Private Investigator Who Couldn't Stop Thinking About His Ex-Wife, which I've already posted here once but you can read it again if you like. The next story will follow soon and is about the early years of the Soviet Union, John Martyn and my grandad, who recently passed away. I'll post the link when it's up. Do have a look at the other stuff over at the Scribbler too, as well as creative writing they showcase news, reviews, interviews, opinion pieces and so on, so lots to get stuck into. Thanks to Christian Brighty for letting me join their writing team!

Enjoy the stories, and more new stuff from me soon. Apologies for the radio silence.