A Couple Of Thank Yous

This has been a pretty tremendous week, really, so a few big thank yous. Firstly, last night's production of Harry Potter And The Inappropriate Hallowe'en, staged by Weirdos and Laugh Out London at the Leicester Square Theatre, pretty much managed to sell out a 400-seat West End theatre and was one of the most joyously silly and fun and enthusiastically-received things we've ever done. I got to sing "Shake It Off" in front of 400 people while dressed as Draco Malfoy, and that wasn't even my favourite part. A massive thank you to the people at Leicester Square Theatre and to all the people who helped plug and promote the show - TimeOut, MuggleNet, the Leaky Cauldron, the Times, the Metro, the Standard - and of course to Adam Larter for putting the whole show together, Jack De'Ath and Tom Meek at LOL for making it all run smoothly, and to the hugely talented cast - Adam, Eleanor Morton, Matt Tedford, Marny Godden, Jon Brittain, Cassie Atkinson, Sooz Kempner, Gareth Morinan, Laurence Owen, Christian Brighty and that sly cameo from Ali Brice. Perhaps we'll return with another Potter show soon, but for now thanks so much to everyone who helped us to take it from a weird happening in a room above a pub to a sell-out show on the West End.

Also, a huge thank you to everyone who's helped share Episode 1 of my webseries The Girl Whisperer this week, which has done better than I'd ever expected. As it's the first bit of content LittleRock has put online and is the flagship series for a brand new platform, none of us really knew how it was going to do, but it's very quickly been shared far and wide and blasted through my expectations of how far it would get before Episode 2 came out. More significantly than how much it's been seen is all the amazing feedback I've had on it from friends, colleagues and industry - Dara O'Briain, Matt Lucas and Ed Byrne are among the people who've got in touch to say they like it and have spread it further, so big thanks to them for helping to widen its audience. Episode 2 comes out on Tuesday, and I'm already putting plans together with LittleRock to make further episodes in the near future, as well as developing some bigger, more exciting plans for the project. Of course, the biggest thank yous go to the people who helped me make it - Ralf Little, Charlie Laurie, Zoe Rocha and Giles Alderson, plus the amazing cast of Roxy Dunn, Bec Hill and Harriet Kemsley. I'd also like to extend a thank you to Karl Schultz and Barney Norris, both of whom were involved in the early stages of the project before LittleRock took it on, and played key roles in helping me develop it into a strong idea. Keep an eye out for Episode 2 this week!