Weirdos For Christmas Number One

Rehearsals are underway for the fourth annual Weirdos Alternative Comedy Christmas Pantomime, following on from 2012's Hook (a live recreation of the Steven Spielberg classic), 2013's The Colonel (a KFC Origins story) and 2014's A Christmas Tail (a story about a mermaid who travels to the human world with her lobster friend to get a John Lewis advert cancelled). This year's show is called Weirdos For Christmas Number One and involves Chief Weirdo Adam Larter's attempt to write a hit Christmas single in order to pay off the Inland Revenue. I won't spoil too much, but I play an eager-to-please clarinettist. As ever, the show is written by Larter and directed by Matthew Highton and also stars (deep breath): Laurence Owen, John Kearns, Thomas Meek, William Lee, Letty Butler, Lucy Pearman, Beth Vyse, Ali Brice, Katia Kvinge, Michael Brunstrom, Pat Cahill, Eleanor Morton, Alwin Solanky, Phil Jarvis, Mark Stephenson, Harriet Kemsley, Marny Godden, Lindsay Sharman, Liberty Hodes and Gareth Morinan. Maybe some more if we feel like adding more.

We're delighted to be back in the Heroes Grotto of Comedy, an abandoned restaurant in the centre of the City of London, on Throgmorton Street, that Bob Slayer's Heroes team last year repurposed as a bespoke comedy venue with help from Weirdos and Laugh Out London. Last year, the likes of Stewart Lee, Simon Munnery and the Alternative Comedy Memorial Society took to the stage there alongside our production of A Christmas Tail and they'll all be back this year along with loads of other great comedy happenings and events.

The full listings for the Grotto (this year rebranded as the HoHo Theatre) can be found here, including a ticket link for the Weirdos Panto, which will be on the 8th-11th December. Spread the word and come on down to support the Grotto when Christmas rolls around!