Weirdos For Christmas Number One: Promo Shot

November 8, 2015

Work is well underway for this year's Weirdos Alternative Comedy Panto, entitled Weirdos For Christmas Number One. For a lovely write-up and a bit more info, here is TimeOut's listing of the show. And below is an official promo shot for the show featuring most of the cast.

 They are:

Clockwise around the chaise-longue from extreme L: Harriet Kemsley, Lucy Pearman, Beth Vyse, Mario D'Agostino, Jon Brittain, Charlie Miller, John Kearns, Lindsay Sharman, William Lee, Thomas Meek, Adam Larter, Alwin Solanky, Phil Jarvis, Laurence Owen and Katia Kvinge.

On or behind the chaise-longue, L-R: Michael Brunstrom, Letty Butler, Liberty Hodes, myself and Gareth Morinan.


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