Nottingham Comedy Festival

This weekend, moustachioed goon Ali Brice and I will be taking over the Nottingham Comedy Festival for a day. That's not even an exaggeration, as well, literally all other events in the festival finish on Saturday so that me and Ali will be the only comedy events happening on the Sunday. It's been branded as an "extra day." Either that means we'll mop up the entire comedy festival audience, or that everyone will have lost interest.

Anyway, on Sunday the two of us present a triple bill of shows on the Heroes BlundaBus, kicking off with a brand new kids' show entitled The Wizard Of Joz at 14:30, which I've written but now shown to Ali yet. It's about me and a puppet called Mango trying to find a wizard who can give me more charisma and talent, but a Northern chemistry teacher and a plate of spaghetti keep getting in our way.

At 16:30, Ali will be performing his show Eric Meat Has No Proof, Only Memories Of Pasta, in which he plays, among other things, a Northern chemistry teacher and a plate of spaghetti.

And at 18:00 I'll be performing my show Hey Guys!, possibly with a few new bits thrown in and a few old bits taken out - a sort of hybrid, part-work-in-progress, part-victory-lap version of this year's show.

Full listings for the Nottingham Comedy Festival can be found here, with mine and Ali's extra day right down at the bottom.