The HoHo Theatre: Other Bits And Pieces

In my post the other day about the fourth annual Weirdos Panto, I also mentioned the return of the Heroes Grotto of Comedy, this year rebranded as the HoHo Theatre, and I thought I'd go into a bit more detail about it here as I'll be involved in a few other bits and pieces there over Christmas.

As many people will remember from last year, the Grotto was once the restaurant and gentlemen's club Throgmorton's, situated in the heart of the City, and loads of bad banker bastards used to go there and eat beef. Apparently Thatcher bloody loved it. Anyway, it's been abandoned for years and last year Bob Slayer and his team renovated it as a bespoke comedy venue. It's also massive and decadent and really spooky, so last year we took advantage of it and filmed the comedy horror film Santageddon there while we had the opportunity.

The full list of events playing in the Grotto this year can be found here, but I'll do a quick rundown of the events I'll be directly involved with:

On the 1st December, the Grotto's official launch will take the form of a pub quiz only for comedians and comedy industry, so any comedy types are very welcome to come along and open the Grotto in style. I'll be attending as my alter-ego, journalist Jizz Nostrils of Horse & Hound, who will be reviewing..

On the 5th December, Comedian's Cinema Club will be taking over the Grotto to stage a drunken recreation of beloved children's classic Frozen. The second film I did with CCC in Edinburgh was Frozen, so I look forward to revisiting it and hopefully doing Olaf justice again.

From the 8th-11th December, of course, it's the Weirdos Panto, this year titled Weirdos For Christmas Number One. I play a clarinettist called The Jerk.

And on the 20th December the Alternative Comedy Memorial Society returns to the Grotto. I'll be reprising my hit joke from Edinburgh 2015, where I spent a month pretending to be the next act on before finally being given some stage time on the last day. I'll also be taking part in a Nativity thing as the Virgin Mary.

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