Thank You Nottingham!

Today I got back from Nottingham, where I'd been this weekend to perform a couple of shows for the Nottingham Comedy Festival, which I'm new to. You might recall that fellow Weirdo Ali Brice and I were down to perform a daft kids' comedy show based on the Wizard of Oz. Sadly, Ali wasn't able to make it to Nottingham in the end so it was my great pleasure to instead free-form a kids' show with Bob and Sorcha of the Heroes BlundaBus and get up to all sorts of silly nonsense. I also got to perform a solo show consisting of the best bits of this year's Edinburgh show Hey Guys! as well as a lot of half-formed work-in-progress bits. Many thanks to the lovely audience who came to support the show, and to the people of the Nottingham Comedy Festival for having me, and of course to Bob Slayer for providing the space and letting me clown about on the bus for an afternoon. I'm looking forward to returning to Nottingham sometime in the future to build on this year, and of course am also looking forward to the next comedy venture with Heroes of Fringe, which will be the string of shows playing at the Heroes Grotto of Comedy in December.