Dr. Penny's Cabinet Of Curiosities

Once all this Christmas nonsense is out of the way and 2016 has kicked off, there won't be long to wait before the next exciting comedt venture of the new year. Penny Matthews, one of the regular players at Weirdos Comedy Club back when she was London-based, now lives in Swansea and helps run a lovely gig out there that it was my pleasure to play earlier this year. In January 2016 she's curating a one-day mini-festival of stupid, wonderful comedy shows from a bunch of dreamers and idiots, entitled Dr Penny's Cabinet Of Curiosities. I'll post further details here once a proper event page is up and running, but for now, I'll be performing a new work-in-progress hour at 2pm on Saturday 16th January, with shows running throughout the rest of the day from Phil Jarvis, Cassie Atkinson, Ben Target, Eleanor Morton, Michael Brunstrom and Adam Larter. Very much looking forward to returning to Swansea and having some fun with these idiots.