Glasgow Comedy Festival

I'm delighted to announce that next year I'll be making my debut at the Glasgow Comedy Festival in a double bill with the wonderful Eleanor Morton. Many thanks to Eleanor and to Sarah Watson from the Festival for helping to organise it and to fit me in - we'll be performing our 2015 Edinburgh shows up there, Hey Guys! and Allotted Mucking Around Time (I may be making a few alterations to the former to keep it fresh) at Broadcast in Glasgow on Sunday 27th March 2016, at 5pm. I'll be posting further links and plugging it more nearer to the time, but for now there's an event listing here.

I'm very excited to be doing a number of new festivals this year which I've not done before - so far, the 2015/16 year has had confirmed appearances at Spectrumm Festival in London, Nottingham Comedy Festival, Glasgow Comedy Festival, Penny Matthews' One-Day Mini Comedy Festival in Swansea and Dave's Leicester Comedy Festival. I'm also waiting on confirmation from Bath Comedy Festival, Brighton Fringe and then, of course, there'll hopefully be another Edinburgh Fringe for me as well. Very excited to get to know all these new places and new audiences! For now, though, if you know anybody in Glasgow then send them mine and Eleanor's way!