Stewart Lee on the Heroes Grotto of Comedy

One more post about the Grotto here - here's a lovely little video of Stewart Lee discussing the Grotto project after performing there last year, and remarking on its significance within the changing comedy landscape. I'm not a massive, integral part of the whole Grotto thing - I'm not one of the people who helped build the stage or rig the lights or organise the shows, but it's been one of my favourite things to be part of over the last two years, to help out with some of the shows being performed in this amazing space, and what Stu says here is lovely. After this year the place is being turned into a gym, so it might be your last chance to see us all performing some stupid, subversive comedy shows in a space we should never have been allowed into! The video can be found here.

"It feels like the old days, and the future. And the present." - Stewart Lee