British Comedy Guide's Review of the Grotto Launch

So I'm aware the News section of this website has pretty much become a running archive of all the press bits covering the Weirdos Panto and the Heroes Grotto at the moment - apologies for that, solo stuff pretty much takes a backseat every December and we all muck in with the Weirdos and Heroes stuff. There'll be more updates on solo projects, which are percolating in the background at the moment, after Christmas, but in the meantime, since the press bits keep on coming, here's a nice account from the British Comedy Guide of the Grotto's launch night this week. I post it partly because it's nice to keep sharing stuff about the Grotto, and also because this one includes some nice photos and was kind enough to provide a link to Jizz Nostrils' review of the Grotto for Horse & Hound. The least I can do is return the favour.