Brighton Fringe

As I mentioned the other day, my solo projects are ticking away in the background while the main focus for December remains the Weirdos Panto and the Heroes Grotto of Comedy. Most of those solo things involve scripted film and TV projects that I'll be pushing ahead with in the New Year, but I'll also be doing a bunch of new live shows next year too. There'll be some crossover between them all in terms of context, of course, as even I'd struggle to actually write three to four hours of material in one year, but I'm currently booked in to do a few different shows with different conceptual slants to them. First up is the work-in-progress knockabout in Swansea in January, then there's my Leicester show in February which will see me performing one show in two venues at the same time. After that I'll be doing a mashup of greatest hits with new ideas for the Glasgow Comedy Festival in March, and I'm now confirmed to be doing two performances for the Brighton Fringe in May. I'll be performing as part of the Laughing Horse Free Festival, with whom I last performed at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2013 when I took up my character show Joz Norris Has Gone Missing - it'll be a pleasure to be working with them again! The Brighton show is under the same title as the Leicester show (Breakfast Of Champions), and as I say there may be some crossover in their content, but the premise of the Brighton show is that I attempt to put on a new solo comedy show but my director refuses to let me do it the way I'd like to. I won't say any more than that for now as I've not given it any thought yet, and I'd hate to nail myself down to specifics only to later realise they were unrealistic. But that's the vague idea. I'll be performing the show at the Hobgoblin at 18:15 on the 17th and 18th May, so keep an eye out for further updates on it nearer the time! Hopefully some version of the show will also mutate and turn into a show for Edinburgh 2016 as well, so look out for that too.

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