The Guardian & John Fleming on the Weirdos Panto

A couple more press bits for the Weirdos Panto, which kicks off tomorrow and had the finishing touches applied to it this weekend! It's looking like it'll be the silliest and funniest one yet, and it's also looking to be the most successful too - we've already sold a few hundred tickets, with Friday all sold out, Thursday a bare handful of seats away from sold out, and Tuesday and Wednesday well on their way. All the money raised goes to Great Ormond Street, too, so it's amazing that it's done so well.

The sales are likely to keep on rolling as well, as the show's just been featured in the Guardian as one of their top five Christmas comedy events, along with Sara Pascoe, Margaret Cho and Brian Cox & Robin Ince. You can read their selections here.

As if that wasn't enough, the increasingly prestigious John Fleming has also written up a lovely blog of a chat he had with myself, panto director Matthew Highton and panto co-star Eleanor Morton last week - you can read it here. Alongside our discussions of the panto we also touch on Ian Anderson, Jeremy Corbyn and the perils of ageing.