Weirdos Panto - SOLD OUT! & British Comedy Guide

Very happy to announce that Weirdos For Christmas Number 1, the 2015 Weirdos Panto, has 100% sold out, something we've come very close to doing every year since 2012, but have never actually managed before, as far as I'm aware. This year, every single show has sold every single seat, which means over 500 people coming to support our little bit of nonsense, and over £5000 going to Great Ormond Street. A massive thank you to everyone for their support, and especially to Adam Larter and Matthew Highton for making it all happen (and to everyone else who's made it happen too, but especially to those two). Last night was the first night and was a real delight - lots of lovely old fans in the audience as well as a huge amount of new faces who seemed to really enjoy their first taste of some Weirdos silliness, which is always a lovely thing.

Also, here's a fun piece from the British Comedy Guide in which a few Weirdos give their thoughts on their favourite Christmas Number Ones. I get to be all nerdy about Pink Floyd, and there's an introduction from Matthew Highton and contributions from Adam Larter, Michael Brunstrom, Jon Brittain, Eleanor Morton, Christian Brighty, Alwin Solanky, Laurence Owen, Lindsay Sharman and Phil Jarvis.