Thank You, Comedian's Cinema Club!

As I've mentioned in a few other posts, Comedian's Cinema Club has become one of my favourite new collaborative projects I've become involved with in recent months. Helmed by Eric Lampaert, Matthew Highton and Will Seaward, it sees a group of comics ineffectually trying to spontaneously recreate classic films live onstage, accompanied by a live podcast in which the comedians discuss the film. It's played several festivals nationwide as well as having a popular residency in London, and had a great run at the Fringe over the last two years. I was only supposed to be a one-time guest for The Mummy during Edinburgh, but ended up helping out with about ten different shows due largely to the fact that managing a bunch of rotating guest comedians during Edinburgh is a nightmare, people are liable to drop out at short notice, and I was often available.

They were some of my favourite shows of the Fringe, and it's been my pleasure to become a semi-regular member of the club since then for their London shows (Jaws, Back To The Future Part II and Return of the Jedi at the Phoenix, Cavendish Square), as well as taking the show on the road for my personal favourite, a recreation of Point Break at the amazing Cube cinema in Bristol. Over the last week or so we've wrapped up the year for Cinema Club in festive style, performing our take on Frozen at the Heroes Grotto and, this week, performing to an amazing, 200-strong sell-out crowd at the Winterville Spiegeltent in Victoria Park for a great event sponsored by TimeOut. We performed a Christmas mash-up of Die Hard and Home Alone entitled Die Alone, and it was a real pleasure closing out the year with such a lovely big gig. Comedian's Cinema Club will be back in the new year with more films and podcasts, and in the meantime, here's a photo of the cast of Die Alone - Paul Duncan McGarrity, Matthew Highton, Laura Lexx, Simon Feilder and myself at the Spiegeltent: