Adam Larter's There My Hat

While my own sense of exactly what my Edinburgh show is going to be this year slowly develops and percolates away (it's probably going to be called 2 Years Til This Stops Being Funny and is going to be a bit silly and knockabout and work-in-progress-y, but it's something I'm going to give some more thought towards once Leicester is done), in the meantime I'm also involved in another Edinburgh show that's so far proving enormously fun.

Chief Weirdo Adam Larter hasn't done a full Edinburgh run in a few years, since 2013's Plumpy'Nut, a collaborative show with Ali Brice about a pig who runs away from the farm and falls in with a gang of criminals. After a couple of years focussing on other projects, Adam's returning to Edinburgh with a brand new comedy play, this one slightly less outlandish in its overall premise but just as daft and stupid and silly in its content. At the moment its working title is There My Hat, though I think that's subject to change, and it's about the ruthless world of corporate business in the 1980s. I won't spoil any of its further surprises, except that I play hot-headed young business whizz Billy Teeth, and the cast also includes, alongside myself and Adam, the brilliant Marny Godden and Cassie Atkinson (although the lovely Eleanor Morton has filled in for Marny in Swansea and will be filling in for Cassie in Leicester).

We've previewed the show twice so far, once in London and once in Swansea for Dr. Penny's Cabinet of Curiosities, and there's another performance coming up for Dave's Leicester Comedy Festival. After that there'll be further London previews leading up to the Edinburgh run in August. It's very funny indeed, and is sure to be one of the silliest and best things in Edinburgh this year, and I'm very proud to be involved with it. Watch this space for more details!