How To Be Normal (The Girl Whisperer Series 2)

People reading this will probably already be aware of my three-part webseries from last year, The Girl Whisperer. I say that not necessarily because it was a massive hit, but because people reading this probably know me and I banged on about it a lot. Nonetheless, as my first ever professionally produced film series and the first bit of online content put out by producers LittleRock Pictures, the series did really well at kicking things off and got a lot of great feedback from high-profile industry figures, so we're pressing on with a further run of episodes - in a way.

Over the next week or so, LittleRock Pictures and I will be filming a run of seven further short episodes which act as a sort of sequel to The Girl Whisperer while also being a jumping-on point for a new project. Ultimately, the original three work quite nicely as a stand-alone miniseries, with a small arc of their own that explore the anxiety of dating in a few different ways and set up a few fun characters that people have said they want to see more of. The dating premise, though, is one that we could only spin out a finite number of ways before exhausting it, so the new series starts in the same place to follow on from what went before but then broadens out into something more character-driven, and comes to explore a few characters generally suffering from anxiety and loneliness and the unshakeable sense of being outsiders, and looks at their relationship to the world and to one another in a few different ways. As such, the title will change so it's less focussed on dating and the current working title is How To Be Normal, although it's subject to change based on how we feel. We'll see a couple more dating mishaps before the later episodes stretch out a bit to explore other friendships and other scenarios and do more with the characters than we've yet seen.

I'll of course be reprising my role as Joz (perhaps my proudest achievement with The Girl Whisperer is that I succeeded in playing myself well enough that nobody suggested recasting with this new run), and Harriet Kemsley will be reprising the role of Emma from the third episode of The Girl Whisperer, who comes to be another central figure moving forward. Ralf Little is sadly no longer available to play my bad-influence friend Sam, though he's still working on the series in his capacity as producer, so my dear pal John Kearns is coming aboard as a new character, an old school friend called Pete. The cast of the new series is rounded out by Luke McQueen as a banker called Max and Matthew Highton as a nice guy called Phil. As before, the series is written by myself, directed by Giles Alderson and produced by Charlie Laurie, Ralf Little and Zoe Rocha. More details to come once filming is all wrapped and we have some concrete information on a release date! I imagine we'll be releasing them sometime in the spring or summer.

Also, for those that read all this without even having seen The Girl Whisperer, firstly, thank you for your faith and interest in this project with nothing to base it on. Secondly, why not catch up with what you missed? You can watch the full series in one place here courtesy of the good people at Laugh Out London.