A Thank You To TimeOut

As most of you reading this will know, TimeOut recently had to make several cut-backs, including the scrapping of its dedicated comedy section, which myself and a number of other comics were vocally disappointed by considering the amazing support TimeOut Comedy had shown to independent comedy over the years. Still, I've just noticed that, even if cut-backs have had to be made, TimeOut as an overarching entity are continuing to do what they can to raise awareness of comedy events even without a dedicated comedy editor, which is lovely. My own work-in-progress night at the Miller last night is listed here as one of the week's Top 5 comedy shows, alongside the Invisible Dot's birthday bash, Josie Long, Pappy's and the Story Beast. A little late to share it here, perhaps, but it's lovely to be recommended alongside such esteemed company, and is reassuring to know that even without Ben Williams' expertise overseeing everything, TimeOut are still keeping up their end in showcasing interesting comedy (although I imagine the turnout at my work-in-progress night was slightly lower than the Invisible Dot's bash at the Apollo).

As for the gig itself, many thanks to the lovely people who came and patiently sat through my ramblings. I'm having a lot of fun slowly trying to assemble ideas for a new show, even if I still haven't the foggiest idea of what it'll end up being. Good fun discovering, though.