Bath Comedy Festival

I think I'd already mentioned here at some point the possibility of my doing a show at the Bath Comedy Festival this year, but it's now all confirmed so anybody who lives there or thereabouts can now book tickets here - the show will probably be a mix of new and old, featuring some of my favourite bits from last year's Edinburgh show, Hey Guys!, along with some of my favourite new ideas that I've been working up over the last few months for this year's Edinburgh. I'll be performing at the Bath Brew House on Friday 8th April at 18:30. Bath is a lovely city I'm very fond of so I'm really looking forward to bringing something to the festival for the first time and getting to know the local comedy scene a little better!

Bath will be one of a few comedy and arts festival appearances coming up this year. Having already performed at Spectrumm Performing Arts Festival in London in October, Nottingham Comedy Festival in November and at Dr. Penny's Cabinet of Curiosities, Swansea's first ever comedy festival, in January, the remaining festival appearances are as follows:

Dave's Leicester Comedy Festival - This is my third year at DLCF, and I'm doing a fair bit this year so am very excited about it. I'll be appearing in the Alternative Comedy Memorial Society on Sunday 14th February, performing my own one-off site-specific show Breakfast Of Champions on the 20th February, and later the same day I'll also be playing roles in both Adam Larter's new show There My Hat and Comedian's Cinema Club's recreation of Speed.

Glasgow International Comedy Festival - I'll be performing a mix of old and new stuff as part of a double bill with Eleanor Morton at Broadcast in Glasgow on Sunday 27th March.

Bath Comedy Festival - As explained above, my show will be at Bath Brew House on Friday 8th April.

Brighton Fringe - I'll be performing at the Brighton Fringe for the first time ever with two performances of a new show (also called Breakfast Of Champions, but a new show nonetheless) at the Hobgoblin on May 17th and 18th.

More information on all these shows nearer the time!