Double Act

I had a bit of time off from gigging and so on at the end of last year and for a time limited my avenues of creative self-expression to just performance art, mime, magic, prose fiction, arthouse cinema and scripted drama. Turns out I'm really good at all of those. Anyway, one of the outcomes from my bit of time working on writing scripts rather than writing live material was an idea for a short black comedy film that me and my good pal Matthew Highton got excited about, entitled Double Act, so I went away and wrote it and now we'll be filming it later in the spring. It's been fun writing something that I'm not going to be in (except perhaps a brief cameo), as it's quite a different discipline to writing stuff in your own voice, and I'm very excited to have some excellent people on board in the forms of director Matthew, producer Stuart Laws, and a very talented cast consisting of Ed Aczel, Michael Brunstrom and Lou Sanders. We've had our first read-through of the thing yesterday and I'll be doing a bit of script doctoring, then hopefully it'll be filmed in late April or early May and out later this year! It's a very, very talented bunch of people who've agreed to help me make it, so I'm very grateful to them and excited to work on it and see it turn from an idea into an actual thing. Watch this space for more news on it as and when!