Thank You, Leicester!

I'm now back from a lovely weekend at Dave's Leicester Comedy Festival which, as I've mentioned here before, has become one of my very favourite comedy communities over the last couple of years. My own show, Breakfast Of Champions, was a very chaotic and hugely enjoyable thing which managed to pretty much fill two venues at the same time and, while it might not have 100% worked, it was certainly a success as an experiment in assembling a show that was all form and no content. Quite early on, it was clear I could choose for it to either be a technically complex theatrical triumph or an anarchic mess, and I went with the option I would more enjoy watching. As such, many thanks to Adam Larter, Marny Godden, Bob Slayer, Eleanor Morton and Michael Brunstrom for helping to make it as ridiculous as it ended up being, and the biggest thanks of all to the amazing Jason Neale whose technical expertise made the whole ridiculously ambitious thing physically possible in the first place. Elsewhere in DLCF, I did some guest spots at ACMS and played roles in Adam's show There My Hat and in Comedian's Cinema Club's interpretation of Speed, all of which were great fun, and there's a chance CCC might end up with a monthly residency at the Criterion. A huge thank you to everyone who made it as lovely as ever, especially Bob and Jason for hosting me, and everyone who came to support shows or helped to make them happen. I also got to see a whole bunch of amazing shows by all my very talented friends, so big congratulations to Harriet Kemsley, Will Seaward, Thom Tuck, Andrea Hubert, Becky Walker, Rousha Browning, Matthew Highton, Penny Matthews, Ali Brice, Joe Davies, Eleanor, Adam and Eric Lampaert. Roll on Leicester 2017!