A Few Upcoming Treats From Laugh Out London

One of my perennially favourite comedy clubs, the excellent Laugh Out London, are busy continuing their ongoing strike rate with promoting bits of one-off, stupid, themed nonsense alongside their brilliant regular nights, and there's a few in particular over the coming months which I'll be involved with which I'd like to single out.

On Friday 4th March, to celebrate the birthday of Jack De'Ath, one of Laugh Out London's head honchos, they'll be staging two classic Simpsons episodes live (Marge Vs The Monorail and You Only Move Twice), starring Matthew Highton as Matt Groening, Alwin Solanky as Homer, Cassie Atkinson as Marge, Adam Larter as Bart, Lucy Pearman as Lisa and Andy Barr as Maggie, with myself, Michael Brunstrom, Bec Hill, Jon Brittain and Laurence Owen playing other much-loved characters. I'll be playing Smithers among others. You can read more and buy tickets here.

On Friday 6th April, I'll be reprising my long-retired character of Mr Gumbo (essentially Batman played by Terry Wogan) for a Eurovision night in which I'll revisit my very best Wogan impression to host a line-up of comics doing tribute to Eurovision as best they can. This one's still being sorted out, so the line-up will be announced soon, but I'll post details as and when I can.

And most excitingly, Laugh Out London's ongoing co-production with Weirdos of a series of unofficial Harry Potter sequels written by Adam Larter continues with another show in the main house of the Leicester Square Theatre, which we sold out on Hallowe'en. This time the show is called Harry Potter And The House Elves On Strike, and takes place on my own 27th birthday on the 14th May. The plot concerns Draco Malfoy's 27th birthday party, and a rebellion by the House Elves that drags Harry and his friends into things. As ever, the production stars Adam as Harry, Matt Tedford as Ron, Marny Godden as Hermione, myself as Malfoy, Jon Brittain as Hagrid, Cassie Atkinson as Professor McGonagall, Gareth Morinan as Dumbledore and Sooz Kempner as Bellatrix, plus perhaps a few more guest stars. You can read more and buy tickets here.