Another Award Nod For Weirdos

As I said in my previous post, I've been away filming this week so don't know many of the details surrounding this, other than the basic fact that Weirdos has been nominated for another award this week - this time it's for the Liberty Award at Dave's Leicester Comedy Festival. Weirdos went up for the final weekend of the festival to perform several shows as part of Bob Slayer's Heroes programme, including shows by Gareth Morinan, Marny Godden, Matthew Highton, Michael Brunstrom, Penny Matthews, Ali Brice, Joe Davies, Eleanor Morton, Adam Larter, Phil Jarvis and Beth Vyse. My own show, Breakfast Of Champions, an anarchic bit of conceptual nonsense, was one small cog within the Weirdos machine that weekend, and I also played a role within Adam's show There My Hat, so as ever am very honoured and humbled to have a part to play within that group of idiots and by their growing reputation - big congrats and kudos to all the Weirdos for their achievements, especially Chief Weirdo Adam for making it all happen. As I say, I don't know many of the details surrounding this award or when results are announced and so on, but will try to look into it soon!