I'm very happy to announce my plans for the Edinburgh Fringe 2016, which will hopefully continue the trend of every Fringe being better than the last one! Here's what I'll be doing up there this year:

Joz Norris: Hello, Goodbye - Last year I did my first Fringe run as part of the Heroes of Fringe programme, having previously done stuff with them in Leicester and London and elsewhere, and had by far my favourite Fringe I've ever had. I'm therefore delighted this year to be returning to Heroes @ The Hive, this time in the Bunka room, at 18:40. As with all the Heroes shows, tickets can be purchased for £5 in advance (and I'll post ticket links when it goes on sale), or you can Pay What You Want on exit. The show runs from the 4th-28th August (with a day off on the 15th so I can go and do a speech at Bec Hill's wedding), and is loosely themed around the subtitle "A Comedy Show In The Presence Of Love And Death." I'll be previewing it over the coming months, so expect to see lots more about it as it develops!

Adam Larter: Return On Investment - Weirdos fans might have caught a preview at some point over the last few months of Adam's new show There My Hat, a daft play set in an 80s office starring Adam, Marny Godden, Cassie Atkinson and myself. The show's undergone a change of title and a change in cast (Cassie Atkinson can sadly no longer appear in it due to a clash with her solo show, but her role will be taken by the amazing Lucy Pearman of LetLuce), but will loosely still be following the midsadventures of Glen Fiscal's 80s office colleagues, and I'll be playing the role of hot-headed business whizz-kid Billy Teeth. The show will be in the Big Cave at the Hive at 13:00 from the 4th to the 28th August, again as a PWYW show.

Comedian's Cinema Club - Cinema Club will be coming to Edinburgh for the last two weeks of the run, playing in the same room at the same time as last year - Just The Tonic @ The Tron at 15:40. I think casts for the shows are being rotated over the two weeks, so I won't be appearing in all of them and don't know yet exactly which ones I'll be doing, but I'll be doing a few from the 14th-28th August. This year, all the films we'll be recreating are movies that won Best Actor or Best Actress at the Oscars. Expect to see other regulars Eric Lampaert, Matthew Highton, Will Seaward, Amy Howerska, Laura Lexx, Simon Feilder, Dan Schreiber, Paul Duncan McGarrity, Katia Kvinge and Eleanor Morton among others over the course of the fourteen shows!

Others TBC - I'm sure I'll end up doing the odd guest spot here and there too, although I'm going to try and keep as much time free as possible to see other shows, so as and when any guest spots get booked in I'll put them over on the Gigs page. The other big one that may well end up happening is a one-off (or perhaps two-off or three-off) performance of the Laugh Out London and Weirdos' co-produced series of live Harry Potter sequels, written by and starring Adam as Harry, with a cast that includes Eleanor Morton, Matt Tedford, Marny Godden, myself, Jon Brittain, Cassie Atkinson, Gareth Morinan, Sooz Kempner, Matthew Highton and Laurence Owen. We're doing a few fundraiser outings of the show in the coming months to help take it to Edinburgh, and I don't know yet exactly when or where it'll be playing, but hopefully we'll have dates and venues soon for it - again, I'll post news as and when it emerges. I'll also be taking a small guest role (via a pre-recorded video segment) as Fox Mulder, alongside Eleanor's Dana Sculley, in Eric Lampaert's show. I can't remember when and where it is, though. I'll check and let y'all know.

That's all for now, do pop those shows in your diary if you'll be heading up to the Fringe this year, and here's to another fun one!