The Family Tree Podcast

Just a quick little casting announcement to let you all know about a really interesting new drama podcast I'll be playing a role in. Some readers may be aware of Stand Up Tragedy, a live night and podcast run by Dave Pickering consisting of comedy, poetry, storytelling, spoken word, music and much else besides. Dave also runs the Getting Better Acquainted Podcast, in which he gets to know assorted people in his life better through conversation. You can find out more about it here. This year Dave is taking the format of Getting Better Acquainted and applying it to fiction through the Family Tree Podcast, in which Dave tries to unravel a family mystery by interviewing the members of the family and trying to piece together the different fragments of stories given to him. The bits of story I've been given so far sound like they'll form a really intriguing mystery, and most interesting of all is the fact that none of the cast will be given any information they wouldn't have access to within the fictional world, so information will be revealed to the cast themselves through the improvised conversations that Dave orchestrates. Obviously the whole thing rests on a big mystery so I won't spoil anything by giving details of the story or of my character, but the entire premise and format sounds really exciting and original to me, so I'm looking forward to being a part of it. We'll start recording the podcast next week when I'm back from my holiday in the Lake District, and the podcast will be out in the autumn! Watch this space for more information, and in the meantime you can follow the Family Tree on Twitter here to find out more.