Bec Hill vs. Joz Norris

Three years ago, my friends Rufus and Howard of everybody's favourite silly podcasting double act, ManBuyCow, decided to foster a bitter rivalry and feud between myself and everybody's favourite cartoon comedian Bec Hill. At the time Bec and I would each MC at Rufus and Howard's open mic night, The Freedom Fridge, roughly once a month and as the feud developed, Rufus took to filming bitterly angry video messages we would leave for one another at our next visit. It's taken 3 years, but these videos have finally been stitched together into an ultimate documentary about one of comedy's most legendary bust-ups.

I would like to say, for the record, that looking back I was genuinely shocked by how mean I get in my ones. I mean, obviously we're all just being silly but, whereas Bec comes across pretty light-hearted in her sections, I seem to get genuinely quite vicious and really don't remember doing that. I think I thought that total commitment towards the fictional rivalry would make for a funnier end product, but in hindsight it makes me come across fairly pathetic, particularly in contrast to Bec's sections. Still, it makes for a funny watch. Enjoy!