Thank You, Bath!

Another week, another thank you to the organisers of a lovely comedy festival. I've ended up doing a lot more festivals this year than in previous years, having done Spectrumm Arts Festival, Nottingham Comedy Festival, Dave's Leicester Comedy Festival and Glasgow International Comedy Festival and with appearances at the Brighton Fringe, Latitude, London Clown Festival, Bristol Farm Fest and of course the Edinburgh Fringe still to come this year. They've all been absolutely lovely and have helped me to establish new audiences in places I've not been before, and I hope to return to all of them next year if I can. As of this weekend I can also add Bath Comedy Festival to the list, which was as delightful as all the best of the rest of them. Many thanks to the amazing audience at the Bath Brew House (particularly Sam Scott for giving me a place to sleep!) and to all the people who put the Festival together - Nick Steel, Daniel Fitzhenry and Leon Osbourne. Looking forward to going back next year if I can!