Heroes Line-Up Announced!

The full line-up for Heroes of Fringe's Edinburgh programme has been announced! You can read it here. Heroes continues to be both the best model for artists at the Fringe, and the one with the best line-up. There are so many brilliant acts on this year and, as with last year, I'm absolutely honoured to be part of it. Three cheers for Bob Slayer and Heroes!

Also, you can read Bob's open letter to Karen Coren at Gilded Balloon here. I'm sharing it because I think it's really important and as many people should read it as possible. It addresses Gilded Balloon's takeover of the Counting House venue and adoption of the PWYW model without seeming to understand its purpose, all while avoiding any financial risk and passing the burden of that risk onto the performers. Personally, I don't understand how any of the Big Four venues can hope to benefit from the PWYW model if their focus is still on profiteering rather than putting the artists first, which is the whole point of that model. Happy artists who are not in debt make better shows.

Anyway, give it a read and hopefully you'll also be a convert to the wonderful thing that Heroes represents, where everybody has the creative and financial freedom to make excellent things without being beholden to an old-fashioned financial model that profits brands and venues off the back of the artists' work. Come and see all the Heroes shows this year, they're all going to be brilliant. Especially mine!