Mythsteries Podcast Episode 1

I promise I'm not going to start being that annoying kind of boyfriend that ends up incessantly sharing all their girlfriend's news alongside their own, but nonetheless, because I think she's a swell gal, on the occasions that Eleanor Morton has some big news I think will appeal equally to those who come and visit this website, I'll share it. Over the last few weeks, Eleanor's been working with comedy anthropologist Will Seaward and ace sound engineer Natassia Caffrey to bring you the Mythsteries Podcast, a brand new podcast exploring myths, legends, spooky tales, cryptozoology and the like, all recorded on location. Episode 1 is recorded outside 50 Berkeley Square, the most haunted house in Britain, and explores all sorts of ghostly goings-on. It's a lot of fun and really interesting for fans of historical stuff and paranormal stuff as well, so do give it a listen. You can find it on Mixcloud here, and for those of you who like to use other platforms for your podcasts such as iTunes, I think it'll be going up there soon too. You can also follow Mythsteries on Twitter here. Enjoy, and don't get nightmares!