My Sinister @elevenish Cameo

Episode 5 of ITV2 and Talkback's sketch show @elevenish went out last night, featuring a creepy little cameo from yours truly as a suspicious neighbour in a fun sketch by John Kearns. You can watch the full episode here on ITV Hub - the sketch I feature in starts at 13:55, and the episode also features sketches by Lolly Adefope, Natasia Demetriou, Rhys James, Bobby Mair, Jamie Demetriou, Ben Fromet, Funmbi Omotayo and Michael Stranney.

For those short of time, though, @elevenish have tweeted out the footage of the second half of the sketch here, which happens to contain all my bits. Personally, I'd recommend watching the full sketch on ITV Hub as there's a bit of context in the first half of the sketch that's paid off in the second, but for those who just want to see my contribution and no more then you can watch the abridged version! Thanks again to John for having me in the sketch, and to all at @elevenish for looking after me while I was filming it!