2016: A Short Play

April 22, 2016

DAVID - "Hi, Prince, great to meet you, my name's David Gest."

PRINCE - "Oh my God, is that Bowie?"


DAVID - "Yeah, yeah, anyway, like I was saying, my name's David Gest."


PRINCE - "I'm gonna go talk to Bowie."


DAVID - "Oh, ok, cool, man, see you in a bit. Hi, Victoria. My name's David Gest."


VICTORIA - "Wow! Alan Rickman!"


DAVID - "Yeah, Alan Rickman's over there. Anyway, my name's David Gest, it's great to meet you."


VICTORIA - "Lovely to meet you too, David, I'm just going to go and talk to Alan Rickman."


DAVID - "Oh, ok. Hi, Ronnie. How's it going?"


RONNIE - "Who are you?"


DAVID - "David Gest. We met the other day. Remember?"


RONNIE - "I don't I'm afraid. Do excuse me, I'm just going to go and talk to Terry."


(David walks back over to Paul Daniels)


PAUL - "Still no luck?"


(David shakes his head. Paul embraces him)

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