Double Act Wrapped

Just before Christmas, I told Matthew Highton about an idea I'd had for ages that I wanted to one day make into a film. He liked it and said he'd like to help me make that film. Over the last few days and weeks, a whole bunch of amazingly talented people have done incredible work in bringing it all to life and I'm very grateful to them. I've now written and co-produced my first ever self-contained short film, entitled Double Act, and it'll be released by Turtle Canyon Films later this year!

I'm particularly proud of this short film for a number of reasons. It's the first thing I've written, for stage or screen, where I wasn't just writing about myself but writing purely from my imagination because I had an idea I wanted to dramatise. It's the first thing I've written that I'm not in (save for the briefest of cameos), and handing something I've written over to such a brilliant cast and seeing them do such amazing work with it is very gratifying. It's also the first film I've made that I've co-produced, and to have a bit more responsibility for that side of things has made me very proud.

A massive thank you to Matt for being an amazing director, to Stuart Laws for being an amazing DoP even with a broken ankle, to Justyna Siodlowska for being an amazing "camera operator," which apparently is the name for the role she fulfilled even though she did loads more than that as well, and to the incredible cast of Ed Aczel, Michael Brunström and Gabby Best for bringing those characters to life better than I ever imagined. Also many thanks to the wonderful extras Alwin Solanky, David McIver and Grace Gibson. Very humbled by having so many brilliant people working on that script.

I can't wait for you all to see the film, it's gonna be great. That's a wrap!