Thank You, Belfast!

Another week, another festival! This weekend, Comedian's Cinema Club popped over to Belfast to take part in the Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival, for which we staged a silly recreation of the beloved children's classic Beauty And The Beast. Many thanks to the Festival for having us, and to our lovely driver Michael who gave us an amazing tour of Belfast and took us to sign our names on the Peace Wall. Hopefully Cinema Club will be back again for the CQAF next year, and also perhaps for the Out To Lunch Festival in January too. We'll also hopefully be trying to take our solo shows to Belfast next year too, so as to make the most of our trip! And finally, the biggest thank you goes to my fellow CCC-ers Eric Lampaert, Matthew Highton and Eleanor Morton for a lovely trip! See you next year, Belfast!

Anyway, here's me signing the Peace Wall and me decked up as the Beast: