Weirdos' Harry Potter Feature On British Comedy Guide

Weirdos Comedy and Laugh Out London's latest co-produced unofficial Harry Potter sequel, Harry Potter And The House Elves On Strike, is returning to the main stage of the Leicester Square Theatre this weekend and looks to be a real treat. It's Draco's birthday, and only Harry can save the day when the House Elves threaten industrial action to disrupt the party. The performance is taking place on my actual birthday for added realism. The show's writer (and Harry Potter) Adam Larter has written a feature for the British Comedy Guide in which he explores the ideal cast of comedians he'd like to have to stage a Harry Potter show if he had a decent budget, and you can read it here. Sadly, the budget is limited so he's stuck with the usual cast of idiots - Matt Tedford as Ron Weasley and Lucius Malfoy, Marny Godden as Hermione Granger and Bobby the House Elf, Kat Bond as Ginny Weasley, myself as Draco Malfoy, Jon Brittain as Hagrid, Cassie Atkinson as Professor McGonagall and Moaning Myrtle, Sooz Kempner as Luna Lovegood and Stinkle the House Elf, Gareth Morinan as Albus Dumbledore, Andy Barr as Chobby the House Elf, Charlie Miller as Shit-Ears the House Elf, Laurence Owen as James Potter and Matthew Highton as Neville Longbottom. Book your tickets here!