EdFringe Tickets On Sale!

Tickets for my 2016 show for the Edinburgh Fringe, Hello, Goodbye, are now on sale! You can read all the information and book tickets here. I'm very excited about this one and it's already my favourite show I've made yet. For once it's about something important to me, it's got more heart and more silliness than any of my old shows, and in a year full of lots of projects I've been really proud of, this one is shaping up to be a very special one. Plus, I'm back in the best venue in Edinburgh, with the best promoters in Edinburgh, in a programme that consists of the best acts in Edinburgh, and that's Heroes of Fringe. Please do book a ticket if you're going to Edinburgh this year - if you like me, then I hope you'll really enjoy this show!

It's worth pointing out, by the way, that last year I was in a 100-seat cave so there was rarely much need to book in advance as that's a tough room to fill at 14:00 (I think I totally filled it twice, mind). This year I'm in the Hive's Bunka room at a more prime-time slot of 18:40. Last year, if my audience numbers had been transplanted directly from the Cave into the Bunka it would have resulted in a very large number of totally sold-out shows. My point is, while last year there wasn't necessarily a huge need to book in advance, this year, if I do exactly the same amount of business again, there may be every need to. So if this is a show on your list but you're hoping to drop in on the day and find a seat, don't necessarily leave it up to chance as there's every possibility you won't get to see it unless you book ahead!