The Elmswick Report

I spent today filming a few little guest roles for a new webseries being produced by my best pals at Little Rock Pictures (those cool dudes who brought you The Girl Whisperer, of which Series 2 will be coming soon!) The webseries is entitled The Elmswick Report, and takes the form of a series of spoof news reports filmed in and around the fictional town of Elmswick about the various bits of nonsense that go on there. I'll be playing a pimp, a football fan, a conspiracy theorist, and a couple more. Shamefully, due to my being just a small element of the series, I don't actually know the name of the writer of the sketches, but they're from the elusive writer of Two Towns Over, a website that features various fake spoof news stories which served as the basis for these scripted adaptations. Do check out Two Towns Over to see more of their stuff! The series is produced by Charlie Laurie, Ralf Little and Zoe Rocha, directed by Giles Alderson and stars Charlie, Nicola Wren, Meg Salter and myself. Watch this space for more information!