Thank You, Brighton!

This week I put in another little festival appearance at the Brighton Fringe, so just a little thank you to the audiences of both my shows there, and to the people at Laughing Horse and the Hobgoblin for having me, I had a lovely time and the two shows, being previews for the still-evolving Edinburgh show Hello, Goodbye, were really fun and useful and made me feel like I'm really getting the show closer to being exactly what I want it to be! I sadly won't be doing the Brighton Fringe again next year - I've done a lot of comedy and arts festivals this year, partly as an experiment to figure out which ones I really love and want to make a regular part of my comedy calendar, and sadly, while I really enjoyed Brighton, the cost of registering to be part of the festival is far higher than any other I've done, which makes it difficult for doing a Brighton Fringe show to become a cost-effective, profit-making enterprise as I see it. What I have learned, forever, is that Brighton has some lovely comedy audiences and venues so I'll be sure to be on the lookout for other opportunities to perform there during the year, as it's certainly somewhere I'd like to keep visiting and building an audience in, so keep an eye out for me in a somewhat more guerrilla fashion than being a formal part of the Brighton Fringe in future! I'll certainly be back in some capacity.