The Family Tree Wrapped

Yesterday I recorded my second and final episode of The Family Tree Podcast, which I posted about here a while ago. It's produced and devised by Dave Pickering and Jen Adamthwaite and is a sort of development of Dave's Getting Better Acquainted podcast, in which he explores people's lives through conversation. In The Family Tree, the format is applied to fiction and Dave investigates a mystery by talking to the family caught up in the centre of it. I play Nathan Sullivan, a sort of reclusive, selfish folklorist and idiot. I won't say much more because the twists and turns of the mystery and how they're revealed via fragments of improvised conversation are all part of the fun of the show, so you'll have to wait until it's released in the autumn. The podcast also stars Leila Al-Jeboury, Zack Polanski, Tasha Gigi, Lucy Ayrton, Vera Chok, Krishna Istha, Adrian Gillott and Mark Stevenson, as well as featuring Dave and his father and brother as themselves. Look out for more about it in the autumn!