Deathbed At The Comedy Project

As I mentioned here a while back, my sitcom Deathbed was recently selected as part of the programme for The Comedy Project 2016, an annual programme of new comedy scripts - short films, short plays, TV sitcoms, radio pilots, etc - which then get performed at the Soho Theatre to an audience of comedy fans and industry professionals alike. Deathbed was performed last night and I just want to extend many, many thanks to everyone who was either a part of it or came along to support. I usually come away from projects focusing on the things I could've done better and not knowing where to go next. This time I just feel incredibly proud and excited about the future of that project, which I hope will be a good one. Big thanks especially to Eleanor Morton, Liberty Hodes, Viv Groskop, Michael Brunström, Sunil Patel and Barney Norris for being an amazing cast and to Hollie Ebdon and Ros Adler for producing a lovely season of The Comedy Project, it's been great fun.

Deathbed is a sitcom inspired by the death of my grandfather, which follows the life of a dim-witted, aimless young guy doing nothing with his life who has to suddenly keep putting his nebulous plans on hold in order to go back home and repeatedly say goodbye to his dying grandfather, who keeps hanging on longer than everybody expects. I've been writing it for about six months and it's been tricky getting a handle on it as it's been a real challenge to write, but in the wake of last night's performance I'm immensely proud of it and excited to see what happens next. I'll hopefully be in discussion with some people who can help me steer it onwards and work out where to go next, so hopefully this won't be the last we see of it! In the meantime, though, thanks again to everybody who's helped it along on its way this far.