Bigger Than Neil Young!

I'm posting this here mainly as a bit of fun, and I'm well aware that the York Press probably made the executive decision to dedicate more column inches to me than to Neil Young due to the fact that they were well aware Neil Young needs less help from the York Press to sell tickets than I do. Nonetheless, it gave me a silly little flush of pride to see me heralded in a newspaper with more gusto than one of my all-time heroes, and the picture makes me smile, so here it is:

While I'm at it, a massive thank you to Al Greaves and Burning Duck Comedy Club for having me for a preview in York, and to the lovely audience. I always have a lovely time when I bring shows to York and am looking forward to returning, probably next year or hopefully sooner! Congratulations also to Lewis Cook, the winner of the Burning Duck Student Comedian of the Year Competition, which was also held on Tuesday!