A Load Of Croc

I filmed a part today for an upcoming Weirdos project entitled A Load Of Croc and it's going to be very fun and silly indeed. Having gone from strength to strength over the years as a live troupe, Weirdos now takes its first steps into film, and A Load Of Croc is Adam Larter's inaugural webseries that exists in the universe of the pantos, one-offs and Blueprint shows that have charmed Weirdos fans over the years. It revisits a number of fan-favourite characters from various other projects but I won't spoil who shows up in it, other than to say that it centres on perhaps the best-loved Weirdos recurring character, Crocodile, played by William Lee in pretty much everything we've ever done as a collective. The rest is a surprise for when the three-episode series emerges later this year. The series is written by Adam, directed by Matthew Highton and produced by Stuart Laws and Turtle Canyon Comedy. It stars William Lee, Michael Brunstrom, Cassie Atkinson, Ben Target, Beth Vyse, Lucy Pearman, Mark Stephenson, Alwin Solanky, Phil Jarvis, Harriet Kemsley, Stuart Laws, Katia Kvige, Gareth Morinan, Ali Brice, Liberty Hodes, Eleanor Morton, Andy Barr, Christian Brighty, Charlie Miller, Matthew Highton and myself. Here's me and Matt covered in soup.