Chortle's Comedy on Demand This Week

We launched Series 2 of mine and Little Rock Pictures' webseries The Girl Whisperer this week, and I've had loads of really lovely feedback from people who've enjoyed it - I know it's been a week with many far more pressing and troubling things to give our attention to, so man thanks to those who took the time to watch it and write to me about it. We'll continue to release a new episode every Monday over the next five weeks, and I'm really very proud of it - every episode builds on these characters and their relationships and gradually move them to a place where I think we really care about them, and as a whole these six episodes make up some of my favourite character writing I've ever done, and everybody involved has done a lovely job bringing it all to life. This week we're in Chortle's The Best Comedy on Demand column, alongside other gems including Turtle Canyon's lovely short i, Idiot, starring Joe Davies. You can read Chortle's top picks from this week's crop of independent online comedy here. Many thanks to Chortle for featuring us and to all the viewers for enjoying the new series. If any of you find yourselves needing a bit of cheer and positivity in the coming weeks of uncertainty, I hope that this webseries goes even a tiny way towards providing you with that! Enjoy it and remember to be lovely to one another. I only wish the trials we all had to face in real life were as trivial and silly as our comedy counterparts in all our short films.