The Girl Whisperer Series 2 Episode 3

It's Episode 3! I'm quite excited about this one. My main goal with Series 2 was to put more heart and character into it and gradually move it away from being a series tethered to its own premise (awkward guy goes on dates and embarrasses himself) and towards the point where we really care about the characters and enjoy seeing them spending time together. I think this episode is where that shift starts properly, and I really like it.

Anyway, this week Fictional Joz takes Emma to meet his only other friend, Funny Pete. Starring me, Harriet Kemsley and John Kearns, directed by Giles Alderson and produced by Charlie Laurie, Ralf Little and Zoe Rocha. Enjoy, and please Share if you like it! You can also watch the new episode on the British Comedy Guide here.