Jalapeno High

An elusive project, this one. Die-hard Joz Norris fans (yep, you guys!) who've been snooping around me and my work for a while may remember me mentioning this just over a year ago when we recorded the first two episodes. Today, after a long hiatus on this project, we've recorded a further three episodes and I think the plan is to put them out some time later in the year now we've got enough stuff recorded to constitute a miniseries of sorts. For those who don't remember its fleeting mention last year, Jalapeno High is a narrative sitcom podcast brought to you by the fine folks at Weirdos Comedy, channelling all the silliness and fun that the group's become known for into audio format, via a narrative that parodies 80s American High school movies in the John Hughes mould. I won't give away too much as it'll be a while before the series emerges, but it's written by Adam Larter, directed by Matthew Highton, produced by Howard Cohen and stars Harriet Kemsley, John Kearns, Mark Stephenson, Cassie Atkinson, Holly Burn, Pat Cahill, myself, Katia Kvinge, Eleanor Morton, Ali Brice, William Lee, Michael Brunstrom, Beth Vyse, Letty Butler, Lucy Pearman, Gareth Morinan and Darren Maskell. Watch this space for more details later in 2016!