Some More Laugh Out London Q&A's

Those lovely boys at Laugh Out London continue to have pretty much the best EdFringe coverage going, so I thought I'd share a couple of extra pieces of theirs that might be of interest to visitors to this site. The first two are Marny Godden's Fringe Q&A and Eleanor Morton's Fringe Q&A, in which they're both kind enough to name-check my show as one to watch, so many thanks to them both for that, and the other is Adam Larter's Fringe Q&A, which is good not just because Adam is great but also because his show this year guest-stars me as business legend Billy Teeth. Give 'em both a read, and definitely go see both shows. If you head to the Laugh Out London homepage here as well, then you can see their run-downs of some of the best shows to look out for this Fringe, including the 20 Best Paid Shows and the 20 Best Character And Sketch Shows, and so on. Many thanks to Laugh Out London as ever, you guys are great.