Any festival-goers heading up to Latitude this weekend, do come and say hey on Sunday, when I'll be taking part in a couple of fun shows (the promo image for one of them is below). At 1:30pm I'll be performing half an hour of comic storytelling in the Shed of Stories as part of Sarah Bennetto's Storytellers' Club, and at 4:00pm I'll be part of Comedians' Cinema Club in the Cabaret Tent, presenting a silly version of the entire Toy Story trilogy. Both will be lots of fun. I'm very much looking forward to it, I've never done one of the great big festivals before and, truth be told, I actually hate huge amounts of big outdoor festivals, except for the lovely daytime bits. So I'll probably have a great time at the two gigs, then get progressively more anxious and scared the later it gets and the more the revelry gets out of hand, I'll wander over to watch M83 and New Order and vaguely enjoy it but spend most of it thinking about how I'd rather be watching them at a proper gig rather than in a field with tens of thousands of people in it, then I'll go and sleep in a tent for a bit and then I'll go home. I reckon if I set that as the experience I expect to have, then within its perameters I'll probably have a hell of a time. Anyway, come along to the two shows!