Thank You, Latitude!

I got back from Latitude today and had a lovely time, so just thought I'd do a quick post to say thanks very much to everyone who made it a lovely day-and-a-half. I did half an hour of comedy stories from this year's show as part of Sarah Bennetto's Storytellers' Club, and later Comedians' Cinema Club did a very silly recreation of the entire Toy Story trilogy, in which I took the roles of Slinky Dog and Zerg, among others. Huge thanks to the Latitude big-wigs for letting me in at all, and specifically to Sarah and Eric and Matt for letting me be a part of those specific shows, and to everybody else who helped me to have a nice time, hopefully I'll be back with more next year. Also, M83 were great and New Order were surprisingly bad. I caught myself trying to defend them to Mark Dean Quinn by saying "They normally sound really good if you listen to them on a laptop," which is hardly a ringing endorsement of live music, but never mind.